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For us, the concept of putting together an acting demo reel that highlights your talents is a straight-forward process. But then again, we do it every day, so of course it is; however, we know that you have some questions. Perhaps you're new to Los Angeles, maybe you've never had a demo reel made before, or perhaps you're all eager and ready to go but don't have an acting partner. Not to worry, we have you covered, and can get your acting demo reel assembled without any headaches or difficulty. Reel below to learn more.

Q. Do I need to find the actors for my demo reel?

A. No. They do say that casting is 90% of directing, and even for a demo reel it's crucial that you have the right acting partner. But we're not going to make you go through the hassle of finding it; after all, we're the directors and you're hiring us to make you shine, so we will be the ones to find you the perfect acting partner for your scene. We do know quite few actors ourselves, after all. :)

Q. Do you allow rehearsal time?

A. Yes. While on our clock, we allow thirty minutes prior to shooting for you to rehearse with your acting partner on the set, in costume, and with us there to supervise and ask questions. Of course, if you'd prefer to rehearse on your own at home, that's totally encouraged; just be prepared to take direction and adapt to the circumstances on the day of shooting.

Q. Are we allowed to share a scene with another actor?

A. Yes. Sharing a scene when creating your acting demo reel is okay, but only if your acting partner is as strong as you are. It's also important that this be accouted for ahead of time, so that the script can feature both of you equally, and not focus on just one actor over the other. And bear in mind that there would only be one edit for that scene, unless you go with Option 1 (see the options on the Flash site for particulars).

Q. Can I bring my own scene?

A. Yes. You may bring your own scene to the demo reel shoot so long as it fits our guidelines and parameters. Firstly, the scene must be saved in or converted to Final Draft format. Secondly, please ensure that the scene is original, and not just lifted from a film or TV show. And thirdly, remember that shooting a custom demo reel has it's limits, so keep it within a reasonable scope. If you're aiming to deliver a heart-wrenching soliloquy before leaping off a skyscraper, in order to grab onto a ladder hanging from a helicopter, while firing a magnum, well, that's a bit difficult. So don't write that. :)

Q. What's the difference between a sizzle reel and a 3-scene package?

A. The sizzle reel consists of 3 thirty-second scenes. They are deliberately shot to be short, written as such, and directed in a manner that gets across the point fully in that period of time. The 3 scene package, however, is full with 3 complete 1-minute scenes, each of which will have more time to play out and arc, allowing more time for the performance to deliver. Subsequently the 3 scene package also includes a sizzle reel being created from the best moments of all 3 scenes, should you need to show off the best of each in a shorter period of time. So the choice is yours, whether you want your demo reel for acting spliced down to shorter or longer scenes.

If you have any other questions for us, don't hesitate to e-mail us, or give us a call. Otherwise let us know when you're ready for us to get started working on YOUR acting demo reel!

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