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Every actress, young or old, fresh or experienced, needs a demo reel. There's just not enough time in an audition to show your every side to the casting director, and certainly not enough time to get to know them during the casting process. But if you can drop off a demo reel, they can watch it later at their leisure, and see every side you can deliver.

Whether you're going for the single mom, the young professional, the scientist, or the track star, we can shoot your demo reel to fit the mold. Want to play the detective crime scene investigator? Or perhaps the tutor? The roles out there for actresses are endless, but only the best will get the part - and only those with high quality demo reels will stand out to the casting director like no other.

Actresses without demo reels will have a much harder time, that's a given; unless you can deliver the sassy latina character, heartbroken girlfriend role, comic sales lady, or obsessed stalker all in the space of a few minutes. Let us film your every angle and provide you with a professional actress demo dvd to get you started.

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