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Shooting Demo Reels

The art of shooting a demo reel varies greatly from that of shooting an actual film scene. While we always do our best to ensure that the scene looks like it could have been taken directly from a feature film or TV show, there are certain things that we need to take into consideration when filming so that you are featured in the best light possible as an actor or actress.

Firstly, the scenes tend to be dialogue intensive. While we could spend time on facial expressions, memories, inner turmoil and thought processes to the extent that you see in some movies, it wouldn't showcase your talents as quickly and as effectively as a spoken scene would.

Secondly, we tend to partner you up with someone else, and this is for several reasons. One, because you're more likely to be paired with someone when auditioning for the actual role, so it's good to have the practice and to be prepared for dealing with responding to another actor in a speedy manner. Naturally we still work it so that you have most of the dialogue, and are featured as the primary speaking character in the scene, so that is has some elements of an acting monologue as well. And lastly, oftentimes having another actor to play off can result in pleasant surprises and unforseen ideas and responses that would be missing if it was merely a rehearsed monologue that you were delivering.

Thirdly, do bear in mind that while we go to great lengths to secure film locations, create sets with high production design, and establish environments befitting the scene, there is only so much we can do. Extensive computer graphics, greenscreen effects, and over-the-top science fiction costumes are beyond the budget allotted. And we most likely won't be able to provide car crashes, explosions, squibs, blood and gore, or mythical creatures. Don't expect to mimic a scene from Star Wars. :)

Shooting demo reels for actors is what we do, and we do it extremely well; let us do our thing and you'll be satisfied with the results when you're acting in your next feature film, TV show, or commercial.

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Shooting and editing actor demo reels

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