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The Importance of Quality

We at Relentless Filmworks know that being a fresh new actor in Los Angeles you need to count your pennies. Conversely, we also cannot stress enough the importance of quality in your demo reel. We've just seen too many actors come in with footage that they tried to shoot themselves, and the downsides of doing such a thing are all too obvious. Trying to shoot your own demo reel usually results in an overall lack of quality; the camera shakes, the sound isn't very good, there's no lighting, and so on.

At Relentless Filmworks we ensure that your reel is produced every step of the way at professional quality, and provide the following for your demo reel scenes:

  • High quality lightning
  • Cutting Edge HD video technology
  • Professional sound, either by boom mic or wireless lavalier mics
  • Proper framing of the shots and eyelines
  • Quality editing and post production
  • Camera work fitting the scene; by tripod, dolly, or hand-held
  • Original writing and character development
  • Set development and production design for the scene
  • ... and more!

Please, don't skimp out on quality when getting your demo reel produced; it's all too obvious to the casting directors and producers that may end up watching such footage. Instead, take the time to WOW them with our high quality set up and end product, so that YOU get the role!

Affordable demo reels for actors


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