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The Price of Acting

We shoot demo reels for actors and actresses - and we do it at affordable prices. We know that being an up-and-coming acting professional in Los Angeles is difficult. You're already shelling out lots of money for headshots, outfits, proper grooming and hair care, physical training, and more. In addition, there's the time it takes for the audition process, especially given the Los Angeles traffic - and time is money. Furthermore, in order to get footage for your demo reel you've likely taken on a few acting gigs for free, simply to have the credits on your resume. We've been there and we understand.

Having a demo reel will increase your chances of landing a lead role in a major motion picture, but the cost of getting one made at a decent quality can be counter-productive. Some companies out there would charge an arm and a leg to produce a demo reel at what can be considered a professional quality, but not Relentless Filmworks. We keep our prices low in order to keep you happy, and ultimately to ensure your success in acting, without going broke in the process.

Our demo reels for actors and actresses are the best out there, and available at the best prices; give us a call today to get started!

Affordable demo reels for actors


Visit our Flash site to see examples of our work and learn more!

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