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Impress on your audition with a demo video

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What is a Demo Reel?

A Relentless Filmworks demo reel is your calling card, plain and simple. It is a compilation of your best work—presented in short clips—that shows a casting director, television or film producer or director how you look, how you act and your range of abilities.

A Demo Reel Is Your Chance to Wow!

To be most effective, a reel that shows off your acting talents should be no more than one minute?? in length and consist of a variety of well produced scenes that demonstrate your ability to portray different characters, looks and emotions. This acting demo must show you in your best light—both in how the scenes are lit and how well you play each role. Your reel should focus on you and your talent—not the set or other actors. A Relentless Filmworks high definition production grabs the attention of the person who is seeking the ideal actor for his or her production.

Most of all, an actor highlights reel must prove that you can act well. That you’ve got the acting chops to turn a director’s film or video into his or her perfect artistic vision. Your success is first and foremost at the heart of your Relentless Filmworks demo reel. Contact Relentless Filmworks today and get your demo video into production.


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