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Make an impact on your acting audition with our demo reels

"For the first time I have actual footage of myself that I'm proud of. The personal attention and care offered by RF to their clients is so refreshing to work with. I highly recommend their services!"


Why do I need a Demo Reel?

You have just a few minutes to impress a casting director when you audition. You’re handed a page or two of script to read, a few minutes to study the role if you’re lucky, then it’s show time. Sure, you hand over your acting résumé and composite complete with classy headshot, but so does everyone else. A Relentless Filmworks demo reel gives directors on camera proof that you’re an actor who has the talent to turn their project into a box office hit.

Get the Edge

A Relentless Filmworks short reel of your performance highlights gives you an edge in the highly competitive world of acting. It shows your range of talent, how you look on film and the emotions you can display. Unlike some acting demos that only edit together scenes from previous work, Relentless Filmworks enables you to portray characters not yet listed on your résumé. Know you can pull off a great comedic part but always cast in heavy dramas? Relentless Filmworks can help you get that audition for a new comedy and nail the part.

Put Yourself Before A World-Wide Audience

Acting is an international profession. But few have the money or time to audition for roles far from home. A Relentless Filmworks demo reel can easily, quickly and inexpensively put you before casting directors anywhere in the country—or world. Plus you’ll be put on Actors Access and receive a Speedreel that enables you to showcase your talent on the Internet for immediate accessibility and exposure. If acting is your passion, turn it into hired roles by creating a professional actor reel by Relentless Filmworks.


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Your demo is your acting resume, never audition without it

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